Un Viaje a mi Vida

Reader's Testimonials

“I have read this book in Spanish, and it was one of the most honest, raw, and inspiring personal account of struggle and success I have ever come across.”

—Clímene Caballero Díaz, Winston, Missouri

“Israel Coy is an admirable young man. His difficult life did not hinder him from attaining his dreams.”

—Gamal Arredondo Abeyta, Fullerton, California

“This book is a remarkable testimony that American dreams do still come true. A good read!”

—Senan Alonso, Bloomfield Township, Michigan

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About the Book

Many have sought the realization of the American dream. Israel Coy is one of them. His native Guatemala has a struggling economy. With no prospect for jobs that can improve his life and that of his loved ones, Israel made a difficult decision. He left his home behind and embarked on an arduous and dangerous journey across the border to the United States of America.

Armed with courage and determination, he took the steps in building his dreams. His vision of a better tomorrow fueled him to persevere and pursue his goals. When he arrived, he immediately enrolled in Oakridge School. He graduated in June 2016. It was no easy feat. Obstacles met him at every step of the way, but he fought on. Giving up was not in his dictionary. His success story is a shining testament of the indomitable human spirit. When people have the nerve to go after their dreams, nothing can get in their way.

In this inspiring memoir, Israel shares his story. It is his wish to motivate others to never stop dreaming and, while they are at it, to pursue their dreams with all their might. Courage, perseverance, and faith in themselves will get them through the obstacles in their paths.

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Twenty-year-old Israel Coy was born in 1996 in Petén, Guatemala. Because of the dire economic situation in his country, he left for the United States of America. His search for the American dream changed his life and his way of thinking.


When I graduated, for me it was an achievement but at the same time I felt sad because I didn’t have my family with me to hold me and congratulate me, given that, so I tell those who have loved ones, to value and be grateful for the great gift they have, not everyone has that privilege.

At my young age I have faced difficulties. When I was twelve years old, I had to find new horizon to help my family. But unfortunately in my country of Guatemala, economy is very low. Then in two thousand twelve, I thought of a better future, a better life, but for that, I had to go through hunger and thirst, dark days, but I did not stop and was very consistent to be the best of myself, because I think one has to be a star.

Although I am an immigrant here in this most powerful country, let me tell you I am nothing more than a child of God; divine blood runs in my veins like you.


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